Loud Silence the Mixtape


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Loud Silence was released by Phresh, and came out the The Street Roc Label oven on April 30, 2015. It features various street roc artist as well as affiliations.

Loud Silence is Phresh’s first project. She says “I expect to have minds turning and heads nodding.” Its collection is mainly at a smooth tempo, but tends to pick up occasionally for an epic ride.

Its topics varies from the solar system, to the government, to the old neighborhoods and questioning life. Its guaranteed to leave you thinking.


released April 30, 2015

The Street Roc Label



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Phresh SR Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Phresh - Intro
"Just a couple metaphor, of the raging wars,
between self and ego,
to have peace or be lethal,
government, the people...."
Track Name: Phresh - Stars ft Kristoph Francis
"Yea we are, yea we are, yea we are...
In the stars, in the stars, in the stars...."

"Come breath with the heavenly...
"Gone live for eternity...
"Feel free off the remedy...
"bum chi off the godly.....
Track Name: Gods Gift ft Kristoph Francis
"9 to 9th power, survive the night hour, we plan to rain hard,
but start with light showers...."
Track Name: Mercy
".....Plantation to corporation, licensee and registration
for ceilings and regulation, wal-street negotiation,
how much for them u making..."
Track Name: Dont Realize It ft Patt, Dolo Pierre, and Stiff tha Godz
"The Story of Life is quicker than wink of an eye, so bunk and you die..."
Track Name: Poppin ft Stiff tha Godz
".....now I'm with the homies, spilled liquor on me,
rolling up tree wit a chick beside me,
looking type flee with the team beside me...."
Track Name: Vibe Wit You ft Kristoph Francis
"Hold up, let me talk to you,
Where you going, where you headed
can I walk with you...."
Track Name: Play by Play ft Stiff tha Godz
"...Its Something about the chaos, still we came a long way...."
Track Name: The Night
"May not understand the math, this ain't the stash for the low vibrating half.
Track Name: Dont Want
"I don't want sleep, i don't want to eat, I just want you.
I don't want to wait..."
Track Name: Would It Bring Me ft Da Mayne Juan
"...a hazard to the public, a rebel to a subject, aint no need to get drastic, its all holographic look past it